Kevin Woyce is an author, photographer, and speaker
specializing in New Jersey and New York regional history.
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NIAGARA is an illustrated tour of the
Niagara River, from historic bridges and
forts to modern-day parks and attractions.
Discover how Niagara Falls and the
Niagara Gorge formed, and how they have
changed over the years. Meet the Niagara
River’s explorers and settlers; the
daredevils who risked their lives for fame
or fortune; the businessmen who
harnessed the falls’ power; and the
conservationists and visionaries who
saved the falls for future generations.

Illustrated throughout, with original
black & white photographs and historic

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Trade Paperback        $12.95
186 pages / 8.5"x5.5" / cream paper / matte cover
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Hardcover         $ 21.95
186 pages / 6"x9" / white paper / printed cover

Kindle             $4.99
Nook               $4.99

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