NIAGARA: The Falls and the River - An Illustrated History

NIAGARA is an illustrated tour of the Niagara River, from historic bridges
and forts to modern-day parks and attractions. Discover how Niagara Falls
and the Niagara Gorge formed, and how they have changed over the years.
Meet the Niagara River's explorers and settlers; the daredevils who risked
their lives for fame or fortune; the businessmen who harnessed the falls'
power; and the conservationists and visionaries who saved the falls for
generations of visitors.

Illustrated throughout, with original black & white photographs and
historic images.

Paperback $12.95   
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Ebook    $3.99
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Kevin Woyce
Author, Photographer, and Lecturer
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Top: Niagara Falls, NY
Bottom: South Grand Island Bridges, NY