Kevin Woyce
Author, Photographer, and Lecturer
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Powerful PowerPoint: How to improve your slides, speak like
a pro, and captivate your audience

Regional history author Kevin Woyce has given hundreds of
PowerPoint presentations, on a variety of topics, over the past ten
years. In this short, no-nonsense guide, he explains how he plans,
builds, and performs his slideshows.

Learn how to choose and refine your topic; work with text, images,
animations, and transitions; practice and revise your presentation; and
speak to any audience, anywhere. There's even a whole chapter on
what to do when things don't go as planned (interruptions, difficult
rooms, equipment failures, etc.).

Whether you're a professional speaker or you have to make a
slideshow for work or school, if you want to give a presentation your
audience won't forget, this book is for you.

Kevin Woyce speaks throughout New Jersey and southern New York state; check out our
schedule for times, dates, locations, and topics.