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THE SPACE RACE: 1957 - 1975

The Soviet Union stunned the world in 1957, by putting the first artificial
satellite into Earth orbit. By 1961, the Russians had also launched the first
manned spacecraft and sent the first robotic probes to the Moon.

In May, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced his daring plan for
the American space program: landing a man on the Moon before the end of
the decade.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing on July
20, 1969, I’ve built a new presentation, packed with historic photographs
and vintage concept art. Relive the dramatic “Space Race,” from the
pioneering Mercury and Gemini flights to the first Apollo Moon landings
and the lesser-known scientific missions that followed. Along the way, I’ll
introduce the visionaries and scientists who made space travel possible,
and the American astronauts who boldly traveled “Where no one has gone

Fee: $100 (within 75 miles of Lyndhurst, NJ*)
$125  (76-125 miles)
$150 (126+ miles)

*excluding New York City and Long Island

I will bring all equipment needed for the program, including a digital
projector, computer, sound system, and portable screen.

I will arrive one hour before the start of the program to bring in and set up
my equipment. Please allow 30 minutes after the program to pack up and
remove equipment.

IMPORTANT: If the program is scheduled to follow a meeting, I will need
to carry in and set up my equipment BEFORE the meeting starts.
Top: Apollo 8 "Earth rise"
Bottom: Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin saluting the flag
(NASA photographs)
NEW Program
Available March 1, 2019