LIGHTHOUSES: Cape Cod & Rhode Island

Since ancient times, lighthouses have guided sailors into safe harbors and
warned them of coastal hazards.

Following a brief history of ancient and early American lighthouses, I'll take
the audience on a colorful tour of the iconic beacons of Cape Cod and
southern Rhode Island, including Newport and Block Island. I'll show how
these lights were built and how they work, share the stories of their keepers,
and tell how they are being preserved for modern travelers. The program is
illustrated with my original photographs, plus vintage postcard images.

Fee: $100 (within 75 miles of Lyndhurst, NJ*)
 $125  (76-125 miles)
 $150 (126+ miles)

*excluding New York City and Long Island

I will bring all equipment needed for the program, including a digital
projector, computer, sound system, and portable screen.

I will arrive one hour before the start of the program to bring in and set up
my equipment. Please allow 30 minutes after the program to pack up and
remove equipment.

IMPORTANT: If the program is scheduled to follow a meeting, I will need to
carry in and set up my equipment BEFORE the meeting starts.
Kevin Woyce
Author, Photographer, and Lecturer
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Top: Block Island South East Light
Bottom: Nobska Light
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